5 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

1. Encourage Referrals

Existing happy customers are your best marketing medium. Consider implementing a referral rewards program, such as discounts or free items or services, to encourage your customers to tell their friends about their great experience with you.

2. Focus on a Niche

Specializing in a specific product or service, or zeroing in on a particular customer base can result in the “big fish in a small pond” effect, where you are the only one who provides exactly what your market is looking for.

3. Get Efficient

Automate wherever possible, and reward employees for coming in ahead of time and under budget.

 4. Take Care of Your Customers

Providing exemplary customer service, such as fast response times, spending time to educate your customer about their purchase, offering after-sale support, and staying in touch with  via email and social media not only makes for happy customers, but can lead to their talking about you to others who are looking for what you offer. See tip 1!

5. Be Consistent

Strive to maintain a consistent message and look across all media, from in-store signage and paper items (like invoices or mailings) to email, website and social media pages. If you refine your message or update your logo, make sure you update all the places where your customers might see it. Uncertainty about your brand or offerings can lead your customers to question your commitment, or wonder whether you are still the same business they enjoyed working with in the past.

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